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About the B & V Group

Relax - Your Water Treatment is Safe in Our Hands.

B & V Water Treatment was established in 1977 by Dr Richard Barrett and Paul Vincent. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest independent water treatment companies in the country. We have now adopted the name 'B & V Group' to incorporate the different sectors of our company. The B & V Group is now made up of B & V Water Treatment (which also incorporates own label products) B & V Effluent Services which became a part of the B & V Group in 2005, B & V Training Accademy and B & V Oil and Gas. 

These divisions have now enabled us to offer a totally unique service we've called Clearstream. Not only can we now treat water from the moment it enters a company, right through to the moment it leaves, but we can also highlight potential energy savings on site.

Along with Clearstream the B & V Group offers a broad range of individual water services to all of its customers.


We offer a number of services to protect your site. Some of the technical services that our trained and qualified chemists and technicians carry out are as follows:

Legionella Control

B & V Group has extensive experience in servicing and monitoring cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and other water systems from commission to operation for Legionella.

We also undertake legionella risk assessments, as required under ACoP L8. Our legionella risk assessments are always extremely thorough as we understand the level of importance attached to them.

Cleans & Disinfections

In order to combat the risk that a build-up of scale or microbiological fouling can pose B & V Group offers cleans and disinfections for a variety of equipment like water tanks and cooling towers. These ACoP L8 required procedures are carried out by our experienced and dedicated cleans and disinfections team, always at a time to suit you and your site.

Our clean and disinfections service also includes the precommission cleaning of heating and chilled water systems. Precommission cleans are vital due system contaminates such as millscale, jointing compounds and fabricating debris that cause blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore heat exchangers.  This debris needs to be removed by chemical cleaning and high velocity flushing, which will then allow a water treatment regime to prevent scale and corrosion.

This service also covers system refurbishments, required in cases where water quality is poor due to the formation of rust, scale, debris and biological deposits. This makes the hygiene of water storage tanks and cooling towers an essential part of a maintenance programme. Our specialist refurbishment service can restore existing equipment to ACoP L8 and Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 standards.

B & V Training Academy

The B & V Training Academy offers a variety of legionella training courses, available at your site or regularly at the B & V head office. Our City and Guilds certified training manager runs and writes these courses. Attendance ensures your knowledge is up-to-date and you are complying with current legislation.

We also have an experienced, dedicated technical team who are always available to offer advice and assistance for any query.

Environmental Consultancy

B & V Group offers a range of audits designed to reduce water and effluent bills within your company. Our Clearstream initiative also highlights areas where water recycling opportunities can be implemented.

We can also design an Environmental Management System for your site to assist you in applying good procedures to all processes.

New Technologies

All of the B & V Group new technologies are designed to save you time and money, as well as reducing your company’s environmental impact.

Aquavision is the remote water temperature monitoring technology that reduces labour and carbon emissions, whilst ensuring that you are still complying with legislation.

eLog is an electronic logbook system that helps your company along the path to a paperless working environment, whilst ensuring you are still complying with legislation.

The EnviroRange and EcoRange are the water treatment and waste water treatment chemical ranges, designed to have a low environmental impact and a high efficiency.

The above services are just a small portion of what B & V Group can offer. For more information contact us now on 0844 372 7344.


Our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities are capable of producing quality chemicals for every system including:

All of our chemicals are designed, manufactured and distributed from our central UK location. This means we can guarantee 5 day delivery on our chemical deliveries and 10 day delivery for pumpovers throughout the UK.

We undertake constant R&D to ensure that you are always receiving the best and most technologically advanced products available and, as a result, we have a number of unique chemicals on our range which are available to all our own label and water treatment customers alike.

Core Chemicals

Ultralox 40

Ultralox 40 is a revolutionary solution to microbial control problems, rapidly killing all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores in water systems. It is ideal for use in water hygiene and pipework treatment applications where it quickly eradicates legionella, pseudomonas and other microbes.

Multitreat SHD

Multitreat SHD is the unique, easy-to-use showerhead descaler and disinfectant. It eliminates the need for laborious cleaning and cuts out corrosion problems. Proven to prevent the growth of Legionella this is a showerhead cleaner that has everything, all while taking just a few minutes to use.


The PackCleanse cleaning system effectively cleans light to moderately fouled packs by combining the disinfecting power of chlorine dioxide with the cleaning power of a weakly acidic surfactant mixture. The system produces a high-cling foam which is applied to surfaces to be cleaned under low pressure.


If you have particular problems with Pseudomonas species or Nitrite Reducing bacteria where Nitrite based inhibitors are used this nil-hazard, broad-spectrum biocide is perfect. As it is atable at high pH it is also suitable for the long term preservation of Nitrite-based inhibitor programmes.

Water Treatment Engineering

As well as service and chemicals, B & V Group offers plant and equipment which can also help your site to remain bacteria, scale and corrosion free. Water treatment plant and equipment, accompanied by the industry leading engineering capabilities found at B & V Group, can also assist in reducing your environmental impact and reducing water costs and usage.

Effluent Services

Meeting Consent to Discharge Levels

Industry today is under constant pressure to maintain, if not increase, existing profit margins more than ever before. In general, raw material costs fluctuate with market forces, yet there is one commodity that has been ever increasing. Over the past decade, the cost of raw water and the cost of disposal of wastewater and solids have increased steadily. As more and more environmental legislation is introduced, these costs are set to rise still further.

Your local water authority will apply restrictions and standards depending on the flow, strength and character of your discharge, so you might not even know you’re breaking the law until you get caught.

Discharge regulations typically require effluent with low suspended solids (TSS) and low organic loading as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) or chemical oxygen demand (COD). There may also be local restrictions on other specific pollutants such as metals, hydrocarbons, fats, oil and grease (FOG) as well as salts such as chlorides and phosphates.

Balancing these two pressures of increasing profitability and meeting strict environmental requirements has become a delicate balancing act.

B & V Effluent Services recognizes the demands imposed on industry and has developed a comprehensive range of products to provide the solutions for our customers to treat their effluent to an acceptable standard either for recycle, reuse or for discharge to Trade Effluent or surface water and meet these environmental requirements. We have placed a particular emphasis on the investigation of water reuse and recycle incorporating both chemical and physical treatment. In addition we are able to investigate the efficiency of the water-related applications on site with a view of reducing unit cost of production.

Our aim is to satisfy and exceed the objectives set by our customers and clients, by the provision of the most cost effective treatments, water management and chemical engineering solutions available.

B & V Oil & Gas

At B & V Oil & Gas, our directive is to provide our customers with environmentally viable solutions for oil and gas industry that will minimise their production costs, increase their productivity and allow them to maintain a trouble free operation. B & V Oil and Gas strive to provide these benefits to all our customers with a minimal impact to the environment, we do this by always selecting the most environmentally friendly chemistries available.

B & V Oil & Gas division provides not only a vast range of proven standard oil and gas chemicals but can also provide tailor made chemicals based on sites specific requirements. B & V Oil & Gas division also believes that application and technical support are just as vital as chemicals when providing long-term solutions for our customers. B & V Oil & Gas division has a number of very experienced staff not only at our headquarters in the UK but across the globe who work together to provide excellent solutions to all of our customers.

For more information on the products and services that B & V Group offers or to arrange a visit from a B & V Group representative please fill out the contact form on the side of this page and someone will get back to you within 2 working days.



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