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Why Use B & V Effluent Services

Your effluent plant doesn’t have to mean money down the drain. With the right products, support and knowledge it can mean quite the opposite. This is where we come in.

Most effluent plants are not run to their full potential. They’re costing you money, not saving as they should be. Why not try a different approach?

Our technical back-up is unrivalled. With years of experience, we know what works. And what doesn’t.

The product range we offer is extensive. With on-site chemists consistently working to improve and add to our range, you will always receive the most up-to-date technology available

Bespoke chemicals come as standard with B & V – meaning any problem on site can be solved quickly and easily

Our standard 5 day delivery is made possible by our midlands location - prompt, efficient chemical deliveries are second nature to us

We will come to your site to assess your situation and discuss your needs. It couldn’t be easier to get one of our expert consultants working with you to improve the efficiency of your effluent plant.

About Us

B & V Effluent Services takes a ‘total system approach’ to each site, designed to optimise the performance of your waste water treatment plant. We realise that meeting consent to discharge levels can sometimes feel impossible, so our programmes are designed to address all aspects of system operation. Our service is completely bespoke – no two sites are the same, and thanks to many years experience in this industry we can find solutions to any site problem.

We have a range of applications at B & V Effluent Services to provide our customers with the highest level of support. We manufacture custom blended coagulants, specific for your requirements, and devise a programme that will maintain the integrity of the system. To complement our coagulant range we also offer high performance polymers, these are used for capturing solids and also as secondary treatments such as dewatering sludge’s, to assist in reducing disposal costs. We also supply extremely cost effective odour neutraliser products which actually eliminate odour emissions, rather than just mask them.

All of this means that we can help you not only meet environmental standards, but to go above and beyond what is expected of you. With our ‘total system approach’ we will work with you not only to meet consent but to improve your discharge quality and so reduce your effluent bills. Where possible we will explore the feasibility of reusing/recycling your effluent to give you even greater payback.

Capabilities List

Our programmes are applicable to all major industries, including chemical processing, automotive industry, pulp and paper, metal treatment & processing, personal care and food & drink processing.

B & V Effluent Services also work alongside a number of engineering and specialist effluent equipment manufacturers, should you require any additional information on their products and services please follow the links

The Programme

B & V Effluent Services’ waste water treatment programmes are designed to address all aspects of your system operation and include:

  1. A system survey by a qualified B & V Representative
  2. A comprehensive range of customised chemicals
  3. Dosing and control equipment
  4. On site consultancy prior, during and following programme implementation
  5. On-going service by your local B & V Representative
  6. Operator training to improve understanding and hence results
  7. Advice and support on new plant projects

Your B & V Representative works with you to optimise many areas of your operation, including clarification, biological systems and sludge dewatering. At all times B & V Effluent Services is clearly focused on increasing your profitability and maximising your competitive advantage.

Practical Support

Application areas where B & V Effluent Services can help include:

Primary Treatment:

Biological Waste Water Treatment:

Auxiliary Treatments:

Sludge Dewatering:

Odour Control:


B & V Effluent Services’ waste water treatment programmes help you to meet environmental standards whilst providing a reduction in total operating costs. Full understanding of the system produces better overall management and control, helping you to remain within your consent limits.

With over 30 years of practical hands-on experience in waste water treatment, B & V Effluent Services’ Representatives ensure the best practical approach to problem solving.

B & V Effluent Services offer a broad product line and our blending facility enables us to manufacture a specific product for your particular effluent.

If you have any enquiries about effluent treatment on your site or if you would like a B & V Effluent representative to contact you please fill in the contact us form on the side of this page and we will get back to you shortly.



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Without a doubt, B & V have helped to improve the efficiency of our effluent treatment. The level of technical support is good, and the response to queries has been exceptional. B & V Effluent Services provide a very professional service.


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