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Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

B & V Effluent Services provide a wide range of fantastic chemicals for waste water applications. As part of the B & V Group all of B & V Effluent Services chemical range are part of the B & V Groups ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certification. At B & V Effluent Services we produce, warehouse and distribute all of our chemicals so that we can ensure that our meticulously high standards of quality are always met. Our chemicals have been designed by our exceptional team of chemists who have over 30 years of experience. This coupled with our strong commitment to research and development means that we are constantly developing new chemicals which have been designed with your needs in mind. As a result B & V Effluent Services has an extensive range of extraordinary and exclusive products that includes:

A full list of these chemicals can be found on their respective pages. If you would like to find more out about how B & V Effluent Services can provide chemical solutions to your sites waste water treatment needs, please contact us using the contact form and we will get back to you within two working days.



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