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The B & V EcoRange has been specifically created to accompany the vast range of waste water treatment chemicals available from B & V Effluent Services. Environmentally friendly and effective, this range is the beginning of the B & V Effluent Services commitment to sourcing environmentally acceptable products for all new chemicals manufactured.

Product Name

Brief Description

EcoFoam AF20

A water based antifoam which controls foaming in effluent systems. This product does not contain the oils and silicones of more conventional antifoams.

EcoBio 60

A grease dispersant which will break down fats and greases which accumulate in drains and grease traps from commercial kitchens etc. It contains Class 1 bacteria and enzymes.

EcoBio 70

An environmentally beneficial freeze dried bacteria which will break down the contamination from oil spills.

EcoBio 90

An environmentally beneficial freeze dried bacteria for general C.O.D. reduction and biological plant performance improvement.

EcoBio 100

A powder product, containing a highly concentrated cocktail of enzymes for the breakdown of organic contamination .This product has many applications and does not have any negative environmental impact

EcoBio 1000

A liquid formulation containing nitrifying bacteria, for the removal of polluting ammonia especially from food factories. This product is extremely environmentally friendly.

EcoTan C30

A naturally occurring tannin based coagulant / flocculant produced from the bark of the Mimosa tree. This product is extremely effective in removing fats and greases from food plants and oils from petrochemical plants.

EcoFloc NA94W

A concentrated polymer flocculant, which does not contain oil in its formulation, for removal of solids from effluent. It is easily made up without expensive make down units as well as being far more environmentally acceptable than the conventional latex emulsions

EcoFloc MC46W

A concentrated, oil free polymer flocculant for removal of solids from effluent. A slightly lower charge density than NA94W. It is easily made up without expensive make down units.

EcoFloc SA46P

A GRAS powder flocculantfor solids removal from effluents Suitable for potable water treatment.

EcoFloc SA46W

A liquid polymer readily prepared so that it can be dosed directly from the container. It does not need an expensive make down unit. It is suitable for potable water applications.

EcoFloc SC85P

A high charge GRAS flocculant for general solid/liquid separation. It’s very good for centrifuging biological sludges.

EcoFloc AB

A flocculant, supplied in block form, which does not need any equipment for addition. Very acceptable for applications for run-off water in ground excavations. The Environment Agency have approved this product for application.

EcoOdour 45

A naturally occurring odour neutraliser which is not just a perfumed masking agent. It is manufactured from plant oils.

EcoOdour 70

For the efficient removal of toxic sulphide / mercaptan odours

EcoOdour 90

A concentrated formulation of natural plant oils in solution.

If you would like B & V Effluent Services to supply you with any of the above chemicals or for further information on our waste water treatment chemicals please fill in the contact form on the side of this page and we will get back to you in two working days. 



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