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Personal Care Industry

Waste Water Treatment Applications – Personal Care

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B & V Effluent Services has been helping the cosmetics and personal care industry with their waste water management for a number of years. This has allowed B & V Effluent Services to develop a specific skill set and technical knowledge to help us provide excellent solutions to a number of blue chip companies within this industry. Modern manufacturing production systems have been developed to use cleaning water more efficiently however this water for a variety of reasons brings about a series of challenges when discharged as part of a sites effluent. B & V Effluent Services experience within this industry enables us to provide solutions to all manner of issues as well looking to optimise systems and save money for our clients wherever possible.

Some of the more common problems associated with this industry are:

The following case study illustrates a classic example of how B & V Effluent Services have provided a great solution to a prestigious global manufacturer of personal care products, which solved the issues they were having on site as well as saving them money long term.

The Problem

A global manufacturer in the cosmetics’ and personal care range, switched some production from one of its Western European sites to another location, as such the product range at site changed this had a knock on effect in that the volume and quality of effluent also altered. Changes were also imposed by sites local Environment Agency (EA) as to the quantity and quality of effluent that could be discharged. Under these new parameters site were not able to meet the discharge consent and therefore contacted B & V Effluent Services and asked for help.

The Solution

After an initial assessment a presentation was made to the site management with a proposal to gradually assess and treat the 2 main waste streams through the existing effluent treatment system. It was made very clear to the site management, that the existing system was only capable of treating the effluent to a limited degree and would not be capable of meeting the new discharge parameters set by the Environment Agency; as such it was advised that site should consider revising the effluent treatment, including investment in new equipment.

The Result

Working with B&V Effluent Services, site undertook to have a number of proposals from engineering companies as to how the effluent plant could be improved. These proposals were vetted by B&V Effluent Services to ensure that site were provided with a system, which was not only capable of treating the current effluent, but should future investment be made to site, that they could still treat the effluent to a satisfactory standard for the Environment Agency.

After several months of presentations and assessing each company proposals a new effluent plant was approved and work commenced in early 2012. The new system was installed and commissioned by June 2012 and currently meets the criteria set by the local Environment Agency

image of someone working in the personal care industry checking waste water

The Future

Site are now considering increasing the effluent plant capacity to near their maximum daily discharge limit, and at the same time reduce the number of hours the effluent plant currently runs for. B&V Effluent Services initially put forward a chemical programme, which has since been successfully tested on site that will ensure that site can run at 3 times the current capability and still meet the discharge consent criteria.

What we can do for you

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