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Water Treatment Plant & Equipment

As well as service and chemicals, plant and equipment can also help your site to remain bacteria, scale and corrosion free. This section of the website will detail all of the water treatment plant and equipment options available, what they are and which applications they should or could be used for. Water treatment plant and equipment can also assist in reducing your environmental impact and reducing water costs and usage.

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Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Optimisation & Maintenance

Pre-Constructed – Site Build – Mobile Systems

Water In

Raw Water Supplies  

From alternative water sources, including:

            - River

            - Canal

            - Sea

            - Boreholes

            - Waste Water Recovery

From Mains water, including:

            - Low flow & pressure sources

            - Peak flow control systems

            - Large site / infrastructure bacteriological control

Water Within

Process Water Systems

            - Product quality water

            - Bottled water

            - Drinking water

Cooling Water Systems

            - Once through

            - Make-up water

Boiler Water Systems

            - Make-up water

            - Specialised water qualities for pressure & process

  - CHP systems

  - Biomass plants

  - High performance Biomass CHP plants

Cooling & Heating Geothermal Systems

            - Once through sea, river & canal water

            - Boreholes

  - Process inter-stage recovery systems

Water Out

Waste Water Recovery Systems

- Process discharge

- Rainwater

- Surface water

Effluent Treatment Plants

            - Multiple process discharge collection systems

            - Metals & solids separation

            - Recovery of precious elements

            - Digestible waste treatment

            - Discharge consent compliance

            - Mogden formulae reduction / removal

Value Engineering, Upgrading, Maintenance & Whole of Life Warranty Of Existing systems – Water In, Within & Out

- Raw Water Supplies

- Process Water Systems

- Cooling Water Systems

- Boiler Water Systems

- Cooling & Heating Geothermal Systems

- Waste Water Recovery Systems

- Effluent Treatment Plants

- Control, Datalogging & Remote Control Systems

Design, P&IDs, FDSs, Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOP, HACCP)



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