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Bespoke Water Treatment Plant Equipment
Bespoke Water Treatment Plant Equipment

Bespoke Water Treatment Plant Equipment

Due to the expertise and experience within the B & V Water Treatment Engineering division we are able to offer you completely bespoke plant for your site processes. Over the years we have worked with a large variety of customers from all industries, suggesting and providing solutions that are entirely site specific – no two sites are the same and B & V Water Treatment understands and applies this to all bespoke plant.

Plant that is engineered specifically for your site is efficient, as it is designed around your processes. All bespoke plant from B & V Water Treatment is intended to:

These goals are part of our standard approach to plant, but we also have specific goals to achieve on every individual site to make sure our customers get the most out of their plant investments.

B & V Water Treatment offers bespoke plant for the following applications:

Bespoke Ion Exchange Plant

B & V Water Treatment produces bespoke ion exchange plants for a variety of applications. We provide you with a great selection of ion exchange plants that can be an applied to a wide variety of applications including:

At B & V Water Treatment we also supply a wide variety of ion exchange processes, so whatever your application, our experienced and dedicated team will be able to provide you with the best possible solution to your ion exchange needs.

Bespoke Dosing Equipment

Correct dosage of water treatment chemicals is vital and if wrong could mean that your water system is not being protected effectively. Standardised chemical dosing systems may not be able to provide the most efficient results within your system, especially if the equipment on your site is specially made for your application. Our specialist water treatment engineers can produce and install dosing systems that are specifically designed and made for your application, taking into account the make-up of your system in order to provide you with the most effective and efficient chemical dosing system possible.

Below is an example of a piece of bespoke plant equipment our engineering division has produced. The equipment is a chlorine dioxide generator which has a number of site specific alterations.


Bespoke Reverse Osmosis Plant

B & V Water Treatment offers a wide range of reverse osmosis (RO) plant and membranes. This enables our expert water treatment engineering team to tailor your reverse osmosis plant to best suit your application. RO plant is an effective and versatile solution to many water and waste water treatment applications and operates at optimum efficiency as it is custom made to your site processes. Standardised reverse osmosis plant can provide solutions to many applications - however having your system produced bespoke allows you to get the maximum ROI from your plant. Having a bespoke reverse osmosis plant can benefit you in the following ways:

B & V Water Treatment’s engineering specialises in establishing the required pre-treatment of the raw water feed to the RO to ensure optimum performance, reliability and whole of life cost management.

The additional packages include:

The RO ranges include the following raw water feeds:

Complete plants, potentially including Ultrafiltration of the raw water, are also constructed in containers, on trailer units and fork lift skid bases to provide mobility.

Such mobile RO plants also provide the means for producing drinking water quality from various water sources – and in any part of the world.

All the benefits that B & V Water Treatments’s bespoke reverse osmosis plants provide our customers with cost effective solutions.

B & V Water Treatment’s engineering team use industry standard systems for evaluation, design and assessment. Typically if a flow diagram or P&ID is not available we will produce one along with a Function Design Specification (FDS) to provide the basis for detailed review, including HAZOP / HACCP.

For more information on bespoke plant contact us now using the contact form on the side of the page and we will get back to you within two working days. 



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