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ChemWatch -Proactive Water Treatment Monitoring, Control & Management

ChemWatch is the newest innovation from the B & V Water Treatment engineering division. Designed with you in mind, this is equipment that acts as your own on site water treatment expert 24/7.

Designed to be proactive, ChemWatch will monitor and amend your water treatment as necessary, thanks to pre-programmed parameters specific to your site – but it does more than that. The intelligent design behind ChemWatch means that everything being monitored is constantly communicating with each other. ChemWatch doesn’t see a problem and just fix it. ChemWatch see a problem and identifies the cause. Then, when it texts or emails you to tell you that something is wrong, it tells you exactly where to look in order to fix the problem and what’s it’s done to temporarily amend the water treatment to protect your water system from corrosion, scale and/or microbial issues.

ChemWatch is capable of telling you if you may have a water leak, it can detect faulty equipment such as dosing pumps, it can adjust the chemical dose or even shut down the system entirely if it needs to.

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Applicable to cooling water, boiler water, process water and waste water treatment systems, ChemWatch really can monitor your whole water process from start to finish. Not only does that mean peace of mind, but also improved plant efficiency, which is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

To ensure that ChemWatch is appropriate to your site, it comes in four pre-engineered packages: Premier, Premier Plus, Premium and Premium Plus. Each package offers different options – all you have to do is pick the one that’s best for you. Then our experienced engineering team take the associated P&ID, FDS HACCP and/or HAZOP and populate it with your site and process specifics – making ChemWatch completely specific to your requirements.

Examples of the monitors that ChemWatch can offer you are as follows:

The best thing about having all of the above options is that you can chose the ones that would be the most appropriate for you. We do not offer any options as standard – all ChemWatch packages are programmed as per your requirements.

And finally, if you chose one package now but may make changes to your site in the future you don’t need to worry – you can simply upgrade to the next ChemWatch package whenever you want.

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To find more out about how ChemWatch can help your company monitor and improve the efficiency of your companies chemical usage please fill in the contact form on the side of this page and we will get back to you within 2 working days.



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