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International Partners Feedback
International Partners Feedback

What our international clients say about us…

At B & V Group we believe that the true measure of our success in the international market is the number of satisfied clients we have, and our track record in this regard is second to none. We consistently deliver a high quality service to all of our clients around the world, and we would like to share with you some of the positive feedback we have received.  The following are just a few examples highlighting the fantastic success we have experienced with partner companies in more than a dozen countries across the globe.

Maltese international partners


The agreement with our Maltese partners was the first distribution agreement B & V Group reached with an overseas company - 15 years on, our working partnership is still as strong as ever. Our Maltese partners are delighted with the progress that has been made;

“We’ve been working with B & V Group since 1998. My first experience of B & V Group was as a water treatment customer in the UK in the mid 1990's - within weeks of contacting them, they had resolved long standing water treatment problems and offered tailor made products and solutions resulting in long term savings and improvements. Based on this experience, I had no hesitation in choosing B & V Group as our water treatment partner in Malta.

“I think the best thing about B & V Group is their ability to identify and offer the best technical solutions to water treatment problems, whilst working within realistic budget limits. B & V Group’s chemical products have always met the highest standards and in over 12 years of importing B & V Group products we have not rejected a single item due to problems associated with damage / leaking packaging, or problems with the chemicals themselves (e.g. solubility / separation issues). B & V Group’s technical support staff have always been available to offer advice and make suggestions in response to customer queries.

“Without doubt, I would recommend B & V Group to any potential export customer. B & V Group’s product range, prices, and technical support make them an ideal partner to anyone wishing to offer the complete package of water treatment products and services within their market.”

German international partners


In 2010, B & V Group began exporting to a Berlin based company on a distribution partnership basis: a strong working relationship was quickly formed. The company’s Consultation and Sales Manager had the following to say about B & V Group;

“The main reason for choosing B & V Group was that we wanted to work with a company which produced their own chemicals. We searched for a good partner in Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and Belgium.  B & V Group answered our first contact e-mail the next day, and further contact was prompt.”

“The chemicals they offer are very good.  Some chemicals are absolutely unique.  The showerhead cleaner Multitreat SHD Indicator, for example, is an extremely good product. We have a lot of customers who use this product and they are very happy with the results.  The descaler iChem 1055 is also very good, we recently cleaned an open cooling system with iChem 1055 and the results were sensational.  Multitreat KQ2007 also produces excellent results. We treated a system that was totally blocked, and within six weeks the system was clean. The customer was delighted with the simple procedure; the alternative would have been a complete dismantling of the system”.

He was also very complimentary about B & V Group’s technical team.  “The technical support is excellent.  A special thank you to Jill, Mark and Alex.  When we have a question we receive an answer in a very short time.  Even when we have very specialised queries, this is not a problem.  We receive a good response to all of our questions.

“We have the feeling that B & V Group is a big family.  We had personal meetings in Daventry and Berlin which were beneficial.  We are a small company and B & V Group helps us along very well.  The interest in the products we offer is growing and we are looking forward to a bright future.”

We continue to enjoy a strong, professional working partnership with our Berlin based business associates and have exciting plans in place for the future.

Czech Republic international partners

Czech Republic

B & V Group’s co-operation with our Czech-based distributor has been a resounding success. For almost a decade now, we have been working together to offer a comprehensive service across the country, and our Czech partners are glowing in their praise of the assistance that B & V Group has provided;

“We have been working with B & V Group since 2005. The issues surrounding the disinfection of cooling tower water were new to us in the Czech Republic because we didn´t have any experience in this area, so we sought help from B & V Group, and things developed from there.

“B & V Group’s services are reliable, quick, and as good as they can possibly be. Their chemicals are unique, and they have an excellent team of technical support staff who accommodate us every time.

“We would definitely recommend B & V Group to other water treatment companies looking for a UK partner, but not in the Czech Republic, because we want to be the only distributor of B & V Group products and chemicals here!”

Ukraine international partners


B & V Group signed an agreement with a Ukrainian firm in 2007 to manufacture B & V Group products and distribute them within the region under license.  With the assistance of B & V Group technical staff, the company was able to increase its turnover by 500% in the first two years of the agreement, and the organisation is now the largest independent water treatment company in the Ukraine, expanding into Russia and other CIS countries.

The General Director of our Ukrainian partner said he was “extremely impressed” with the services B & V Group were able to offer his company, adding: “They are far better than anything we have seen anywhere else.”  He also praised B & V Group’s office staff for their “very responsive and reactive” approach to his company’s needs, and for the quality of the technical support available.

Due to our research and development of products, we have helped our Ukrainian partners remain at the cutting edge of the market and will continue to work with them on product development.

Bangledeshi  international partners


Since 2006, B & V Group has been working with a company in Bangladesh; Ashora Associate, our sole water treatment product distributor in the country. 

The company has won significant new business since they began working with B & V Group, and the director of the companies has praised the “very easy correspondence” and “good commitment” from the B & V Group’s staff, adding that B & V Group’s ability to “solve any kind of technical problem by email” was particularly helpful. In addition, he is very

satisfied with the “ready availability of stock”, a major achievement given the geographical location of the customer. 


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