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Keeping you at the forefront of innovation
Keeping you at the forefront of innovation

Keeping you at the forefront of innovation

Water treatment is a rapidly progressing industry, with new advancements in chemical technology and servicing methods being made on a daily basis. Choosing the right Water Treatment partner is therefore one of the most crucial decisions your company will make. If your supplier is behind the times, offering outdated technologies or obsolete technical advice, you will be seen in exactly the same light by your customers. On the other hand, working with a supplier who is keeping pace with every new development puts you at a distinct advantage.

At B & V Group, not only do we keep pace with innovation in the industry, we are often the Water Treatment provider leading it. We have a proud tradition of being at the forefront of progress, with an excellent Research & Development team continually seeking out new ways to make our chemicals more effective and our services more efficient. Here are just some of the ways in which we have managed to improve our processes by taking a pioneering approach.

Cooling water systems

Our range of products for cooling water systems includes scale and corrosion inhibitors, biocides, antifoam agents and products for the cleaning of tower packs.

Our cooling systems’ scale and corrosion inhibitor range includes a selection of products, including iChem,  which has been specifically formulated for larger cooling towers.

B & V Group’s services are not just restricted to chemical additives. Our engineering department has developed ChemWatch which is a proactive Water Treatment Monitoring, Control & Management system also applicable to boiler water, process water and waste water treatment systems.


Hot & Cold water systems

Our range of products encompasses several biocidal products as well as descaling products. The biocidal products are typically halogen based. The two most popular biocidal product types are those which are based on the use of chlorine dioxide and products supplied in tablet form. 

The descaling products generally also contain a disinfectant.  Specific products have also been developed for use on shower heads.


Closed water systems

We have products specifically formulated for closed water systems including pre-commission cleaners, scale and corrosion inhibitors, flushing cleaners, on-line descalants, biocides and biofilm remover and antifreezes.

Higher concentration products are typically used on larger systems.

New products in this area include those which use polyamine technology (patent pending), resulting in both corrosion protection and economic benefits when compared to more traditional technology.


Boiler systems

Our range of products includes corrosion inhibitors which are based on oxygen scavengers as well as those based on volatile amines.  Other products include scale inhibitors, dispersant scale conditioners, alkalinity adjusters and antifoaming agents amongst others.

Several of our products are specifically designed for use in high pressure systems.

Recent innovations include products based on proprietary polyamine formulations (patent pending) which have been demonstrated to confer not only corrosion protection but also economic benefits when compared to more traditional technology.


Reverse Osmosis

Our range of products includes antiscalants which have been specifically formulated to combat different types of scale including those which are suitable for drinking water applications as well as membrane cleaning chemicals. 


Oil and Gas additives

Our range of products has been extended to include products formulated for both downstream and upstream applications. These include scale and corrosion inhibitors, hydrogen sulphide scavengers, demulsifiers (emulsion breakers), oilfield biocides, paraffin / wax control products, flow enhancers (pour point depressants, drag reducers, lubricity improvers), water clarifiers to remove oil from water, anti–foam agents, antifoulants and products for amine plant applications. 


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