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From speaking to our export customers, we understand that when selecting a chemical supplier in a different country, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is the ‘ex-works’ set-up which a number of chemical suppliers tend to prefer. While this set-up reduces their exposure to risk and the technical responsibility of export, it also transfers a great deal of risk and responsibility to the importer.

B & V Own Label Products takes a different approach. We recognise that the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, and that it is vitally important to provide our customers with all the support and guidance we can. If you are new to import, here are just some of the ways in which we can help ease the burden of organising a shipment.

Dangerous Goods compatibility

B & V Group’s highly skilled team of technical and regulatory experts will look at every order being sent overseas and ensure that all products being shipped together are compatible under the relevant ADR / IMDG legislation. Any issues regarding product compatibility will be flagged up at the first instance, and we will then work with you to find the cheapest possible solution, be that shipping an alternative product, or splitting the order into two shipments. This significantly lessons the risk of customs problems further down the line, and means you can rest assured that the shipping of your order meets all required international standards.


Another serious concern for potential importers is the vast amount of paperwork they expect to have to wade through in order to move the goods from A to B. In truth, the perception is much worse than the reality, and B & V Group can do much of the groundwork for you in this regard. Among the various items of documentation we can raise on your behalf include commercial invoices, packing lists, dangerous goods notes, certificates of conformity, certificates of origin, EUR1 forms and shipping declarations. In partnership with Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, we can arrange support and advice for our international customers in organising any other documentation that may be required.

Payment flexibility

B & V Group has experience in, and is willing to engage in, a number of different means of organising payment, including bank transfers, cheques, Letters of Credit (LCs), cash against documents, and others. We have a Euro bank account and can accept payment in any of the major global currencies, we are not limited to GBP. If you have any concerns or queries regarding payment terms, please do contact our accounts department and we will try our utmost to find a solution that fits the needs of both parties.


Image of export transport options when exporting water treatment chemicals

Perhaps the biggest advantage of working with B & V Group, is that we are not insistent on the rigid, old-fashioned ‘ex-works’ way of doing trade internationally. As a conscientious organisation, we recognise our duty to make life as easy as possible for our customers, and part of that is offering the option of shipping the order ourselves for a price as agreed on an order by order basis between yourselves, ourselves and our contracted couriers.    

Shipping by road

Shipping by road is our preferred means of transportation for deliveries within mainland Europe. Prices can vary dependent on size of order and the hazard classifications of the products on it, but the prices we secure from our couriers are always highly competitive. Lead time can typically vary between two and four weeks for this type of delivery, and the service offered is usually door to door (ie directly from us to you).        

Shipping by sea

Shipping by sea is the most common means of transportation we use for more long distance deliveries. Again, prices can vary dependent on a number of factors but are always very competitive. Incoterms will be specified by our courier on quoting, depending on what their shipping line(s) are able to offer. Lead time is obviously variable depending on where in the world the order is being delivered to, but can range from a similar lead time to road deliveries for shipments to places like North Africa, to 2-3 months for deliveries to East Asia or Latin America. Delivery is usually door to port: we will arrange delivery to a port within your country of your choice; it is then your responsibility to arrange collection of the order from this port.

If you would like any further information on the ways in which we can assist you with importing our products, please contact us.


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