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At B & V Oil & Gas, our directive is to provide our customers with environmentally viable solutions for oil and gas industry that will minimise their production costs, increase their productivity and allow them to maintain a trouble free operation. B & V Oil & Gas strive to provide these benefits to all our customers with a minimal impact to the environment, we do this by always selecting the most environmentally friendly chemistries available.

B & V Oil & Gas division provides not only a vast range of proven standard oil and gas chemicals but can also provide tailor made chemicals based on sites specific requirements. B & V Oil & Gas division also believes that application and technical support are just as vital as chemicals when providing long-term solutions for our customers. B & V Oil & Gas division has a number of very experienced staff not only at our headquarters in the UK but across the globe who work together to provide excellent solutions to all of our customers.

The B & V Oil & Gas division is split up into to two groups that we refer to as Upstream and Downstream. Upstream refers to applications involved in the process of extracting and producing Oil and Gas and is more relevant to that segment of the oil and gas industry. Downstream refers to technologies used to refine oil and gas to produce finished products such as diesel, kerosene, ethylene, styrene etc. in refineries and petrochemicals.

The B & V Oil & Gas Upstream group focuses on oil and gas production chemicals as well as drilling chemicals. B & V Oil & Gas’s upstream applications maximise oil and gas production, pro long the life cycle of equipment while decreasing operations cost through a full suite of production chemistry and high quality services. B & V Oil & Gas Downstream group focuses on providing solutions for refineries and petrochemical plants. B & V Oil & Gas downstream solutions help our customers to achieve optimal efficiency within refinery and petrochemical plants while also improving the lifespan of their assets, our downstream solutions also help to improve the quality of the finished products produced in refineries and petrochemical plant.    

The mission of B & V Oil & Gas is to lead the industry in customer satisfaction and value added by providing expert chemistries, applications and technical support. By taking this approach B & V Oil & Gas aim to improve our market position by offering solutions that improve the quality of finished products, optimise production efficiency, prolong equipment life spans and reduce the total cost of operations. By offering this service we aim to provide long term environmentally conscious sustainable solutions for the future that provide great return on investments for all our customers.



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