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Oil and Gas Production Chemistry
Oil and Gas Production Chemistry

Oil and Gas Production Chemistry

B & V Oil and Gas offers a wide range of chemistries for use in the Oil and Gas industry called OilChem. This range of chemistries offers a broad range of solutions to our customers in this industry all of which are supported by our dedicated technical support team.




OilChem 2000 Range

Scale Inhibitor


OilChem 7000 Range



OilChem 1000 Range

Emulsion Breaker


OilChem 3000 Range

Corrosion inhibitor


OilChem 6000 Range

Wax Inhibitors


OilChem 6600 Range

Drag Reducer


OilChem 6500 Range

Pour Point Depressant


OilChem 9200 Range

H2S Scavanger


OilChem 8000 Range



OilChem 9600 Range




Scale Inhibitor:

Description: Various blends of different copolymers to protect oil and gas fields against scale formations.

Benefits: Calcium Carbonate scale inhibition, Barium Sulphate scale inhibition, Strontium Sulphate scale Inhibition, Calcium Sulphate Scale Inhibition, Traceable scale inhibitor available which is measureable by our special test kit and software.

Corrosion Inhibitor:

Description: Various formulations to inhibit corrosion in oil and gas fields 

Benefits: Corrosion Inhibition against high concentration of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and brine.

Emulsion Breaker:

Description: Various formulation to break oil/water emulsion and separate water, salts, etc. from crude oil.

Benefits: Remove emulsified water and undesirable impurities such as salts at very low dosage, formulated onsite according to crude oil specification, formulated as flexible as possible cope with variety of conditions.

Wax Inhibitor

Description: Various formulations to inhibit waxy material to aggregate.

Benefits: Lower CAPEX and OPEX, Easier transportation, improve pump-ability and flow

Pour Point Depressant:

Description: New family of polymers developed to decrease the pour point of crude oil and improve cold flow plug point.

Benefits: effective at little dosage, easier transportation, help lower temperature applications

Drag Reducer:

Description: Long Chain polymer chemical that can modify flow regime of the fluid reducing the pressure drop in the pipeline.

Benefits: Increase Pipeline throughput, Energy saving on pumps, smoother and trouble free operation.

H2S Scavenger:

Description: Various formulations to scavenge Hydrogen sulphide from crude oil.

Benefits: Odour elimination, Comply with safety legislation, protect storage tank against corrosion, helping meet the specification.


Description: Different formulations to avoid microbiological activity in oil and gas fields. They protect the reservoir and maintain asset integrity.

Benefits: They are formulated to sterilize water and help maintain asset integrity due to problems, such as microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC), biomass accumulation and oil carryover.

Deoilers / Water Clarifier:

Description: Various organic and inorganic formulations to remove emulsified oil from water.

Benefits: Rapid Separation of oil from water, no hazardous effect on effluent water, minimum dosage required for treatment.


Description: Various non-silicon and silicon based chemistries designed to prevent the formation of the foam and breaking existing foam in oil and gas fields.

Benefits: effective at low dosage, minimum environmental effects, minimum side effects, Rapid effect.

For further information about the solutions we offer to using the OilChem range or to arrange a visit from a B & V Oil and Gas representative please contact us using the contact us form in the side bar and we will get back to you within two working days.



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