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Own Label Plant, Equipment & Engineering
Own Label Plant, Equipment & Engineering

Own Label - Water Treatment Plant, Equipment & Engineering

Through B & V Own Label Services you can offer your customers a variety of plant and equipment solutions on their sites. B & V Own Label Products has a variety of capabilities and can offer all plant bespoke if required. Upon visiting a customer site our experienced staff will work on your behalf, ensuring your confidentiality is respected at all times.

For more information on the specific solutions B & V Own Label Products can offer visit our plant and equipment page now.

B & V Own Label Products offers more than just plant and equipment. The following are environmentally friendly, cost effective examples of the types of work you can carry out for your customers with the help of B & V Own Label Products:

Surveying for Alternative Water Sources

alternative water supplies

With utility costs rising we see increasing numbers of companies searching for cost cutting strategies. B & V Own Label Products can carry out effective surveys and source alternative water supplies from:

And many other local water sources. In addition to sourcing new water supplies we also possess the capability to treat these waters, ensuring they meet the quality specifications of the relevant governing bodies.

Your customers can see a return on these investments within one year.

Optimising Water Usage

image of graphs and tables used for optimising water usage for own label chemical customers

B & V Own Label Products can help you to optimise your customer’s water efficiency, thus saving them unnecessary, and often previously unknown, costs.

By analysing water usages we can optimise peak demands and water supply pressure effectively, leading to vital savings. We also thoroughly investigate their “water in and water out systems”. This should enable us to calculate their prime demands and consumption of water. With these figures we can minimise both their demand and consumption, again leading to cost reductions.

Alternative Cooling Sources

B & V Own Label Products offer technical and practical advice as well as engineering expertise, on how to complete and obtain the EA license for free cooling water using local water sources such as rivers and canals. We also possess the equipment range to help facilitate such a project. By utilising a free source of cooling water make-up, instead of water from the mains supply your customers could make significant savings on utility charges.

Image of an alternative cooling water sourced produced for and own label water treatment chemicals customer

Waste Water

There are significant savings to be made by correct control of waste water.  B & V Own Label Products can help you to harness your customer’s waste water by optimising their filtration systems and installing pre-treatment plant such as water softeners and reverse osmosis units.

duplex ion exchange plant sold to an own label water treatment chemicals customer

By recycling site water you can assist them in making extensive savings on their water charges as well making the process of recycling their water cost effective.

When dealing with effluent water, meeting consent levels is becoming increasingly vital to avoid potential fines, whilst protecting the environment, minimising carbon footprints and promoting a green image. B &V Own Label Products has the experience to not only implement effective ways of ensuring they meet their consent levels but also to see a fast return on their investment.

B & V Own Label Products assists you with your clients water treatment needs from the start of the various processes until the very end. We have an extensive range of services that deal with waste water, improving water efficiency and usage. To see more information on the plant and equipment solutions B & V Own Label Products can offer view our engineering section.

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