Water Treatment
Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Every company in the world has water running through their buildings – whether for the radiators (a closed water system), showers and taps (a hot and cold water system), boilers or cooling water systems, cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Where there is water there is the potential for scale (think about your kettle at home), corrosion of metal pipework and microbes – with legionella being potentially the most problematic. Legionella is potentially the most problematic because it can cause an outbreak of deadly Legionnaires disease.

The potential for the growth of legionella bacteria in water systems is one of the main reasons why employers in the UK have a responsibility to carry out some form of water treatment.

As well as protecting people from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease, applying water treatment processes to systems can be extremely beneficial; saving time and money associated with equipment down time and repair. For example, in an untreated heating system where the pipes run through a ceiling void, eventually the water may corrode the pipework. Not only is the pipework going to be expensive to replace, but there is also the potential for employees or members of the public to be put at risk.   

While this is a very basic example of why water treatment is vital to a company, it does show that the risks cannot be underestimated. Below is a brief overview of the key areas of water treatment products, services and technical knowledge that B & V Water Treatment can provide.   

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There are a wide range of different types of water systems that are used in commercial buildings that require a management regime to be put in place so they can operate efficiently and safely. We believe that understanding the key issues surrounding these systems is vital to developing a successful water management scheme and we have a number of experts across all systems who can help you develop your site specific control parameters to manage the risks and issues. The systems that we specialise in are cooling water systems, hot and cold water systems, closed water systems and boilers. 

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An effective water treatment service regime is essential for protecting systems on site against the problems associated with scale, corrosion, legionella and microbiological fouling. It is important that any treatment regime is backed up by a good quality, technically correct service programme to reduce your operating costs and environmental impact, whilst protecting your site and staff. B & V Water Treatment can provide you with a wide range of water treatment services that include water management and control services, water treatment services, clean and disinfections, legionella risk assessments, test kits and reagents and water testing facilities. 

picture of water treatment chemical drums Chemicals

At B & V Water Treatment we pride ourselves on manufacturing and distributing our entire range of chemicals so that we can ensure that our meticulously high standards of quality are always met. All of our chemicals have been designed by our exceptional team of chemists who have over 35 years of experience, both in producing water treatment chemicals and providing solutions to you and your site. This coupled with our strong commitment to research and development means that we are constantly developing new chemicals which have been designed with your needs in mind. We offer a broad range of water treatment chemicals for use in systems such as cooling water systems, boiler water systems, closed water systems and hot and cold water systems. 

Picture of lab team carrying out research and development Technical Research and Development

Technical research and development is the corner stone of all that we do at B & V Water Treatment. We have a number of accomplished chemists and microbiologists within the business who have developed a number of revolutionary products, including Ultralox 40 and ChemWatch. Alongside our commitment to producing new technology this team of technical experts allows us to provide exceptional technical support to all our customers. We are also uniquely positioned to develop bespoke chemical and engineering solutions to meet your site specific requirements. Within the research and development section of this website you can access a range of informative FAQ’s, as well as research papers and case studies on some of the specialist solutions that we have produced. 


In 2011 98% of customers rated the health & safety information provided by B & V as good or excellent.

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