Solid Chemical Products
Solid Chemical Products

Solid Chemical Products

Solid Chemical Dosing System

B & V Water Treatment are continuing to expand the portfolio of chemical products on offer to our customers and are now proud to offer a range of new solid chemical products.

For many organisations, solid water treatment chemicals are a viable alternative to traditional liquid water treatment chemicals and as testament to our commitment to our customers we now offer these products to complement our full range of chemicals. If you’re unsure whether solid chemical products are right for you and your organisation, or would like to learn more about the benefits of solid chemicals then please contact our Technical Support team using the contact us form on the right hand side of this page.

Our expert technical support coupled with our unique and innovative chemicals allows you to get the most efficient and cost effective result possible from your water treatment chemical regimes.

What is a Solid Chemical?

Solid water treatment products use proven chemical combinations which are manufactured into a solid paste concentrate. Chemicals are deployed and instilled as a solid, as opposed to a liquid chemical, in compact wall-mounted dosing units, to which water is added to form a solution/emulsion. The resultant liquid then operates in the same way as the more traditional liquid water treatment chemicals.  

Why choose a Solid Chemical?

While liquid chemicals remain the most popular method of treating boilers and closed circuit systems, solid chemicals do have their benefits. In particular, solid chemicals are small and compact and so take up much less space, and weigh less, than a standard 25L liquid drum. Solid chemical products do not have the same hazards associated with them that liquid chemicals do and are often deemed to be more environmentally friendly due to reduced transportation costs.

Boiler Chemicals

B & V Water Treatment have a range of solid chemicals specifically designed for boilers, including an internal boiler treatment and a sludge/iron dispersant. Also available in solid form are:

Cooling Water System Chemicals

B & V Water Treatment is proud to offer solid chemical scale and corrosion inhibitors, specifically designed to work within cooling water systems. To see our full range of scale and corrosion inhibitors please visit the cooling water system chemical range page.

Two biocides are also available as solid chemicals; a bromine/chlorine based biocide and a DBNPA based biocide. These chemicals are proven solutions to microbiological problems found in cooling water systems and can be used as a biocide in all aspects of your cooling water system.

B & V Water Treatment

All of our water treatment chemical products are supported by our incredibly efficient and committed logistics team who offer five working days delivery service as standard. We can provide you with a wide range of drum sizes to best suit both your quantity and storage requirements. Alongside this we also offer a pump over delivery service, so you can always receive your chemicals in the way that best suits your specific needs. We also offer an excellent export service and our chemicals are used all over the world.

B & V Water Treatment are working in partnership with AP Tech Group to provide the solid chemical products and further information can be found on their website at:

If you would like further information on any of the solid chemical products and their applications then please contact us using the contact form on the side of this page and our B & V Water Treatment Specialist will contact you within two working days. 



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