Research Papers
Research Papers

Research Papers

B & V Water Treatment has a dedicated and highly knowledgeable team of water treatment technical experts, who not only provide exceptional support to all of our customers but are heavily involved in the research and development of new technologies and solutions. As a result of this we have produced a collection of technical papers exploring many interesting fields and specialist areas of water treatment.

B & V Water Treatment wants to share this knowledge with all of our customers and hope that it can be of use to you. Currently we have pages on:

potable water sample picturePotable water treatment guidance

Corrosion within the pipework used to transport potable water around a building can lead to several problems which include; discolouration of the water itself, discolouration of fixtures and fittings, elevated levels of iron and copper within the water, elevated levels of iron and copper and corrosion within the pipe work. To help our customers avoid these issues we have produced a short research paper outlining the most effective ways to avoid these problems in potable water treatment.

atp graph picture ATP detection using bioluminescence

ATP detection using bioluminescence can be used to determine microbial contamination in water. It is simple to perform and offers results in minutes rather than days, when compared to samples taken with traditional plate count methods. The testing carried out investigates any interference due to the chemical composition of various chemicals used in water treatment with the ATP test method. Significant interference was found with one particular component regularly used in the formulation of cooling water inhibitors.

offline systems picture Problems associated with offline systems

In the current economic climate it is clear that significant plant may need to be deliberately left idle (shut down) for unknown periods due to commercial pressures. However, it needs to be understood that more damage can be done off-line if no management plan is put in place. 


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