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Unique Projects

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steam bus maintenance Historically, Whitby is famous for its ecclesiastical Synod in 664 which firmly established the Roman, rather than the Celtic, calendar for Easter in England, and for the mouth-watering quality of its famous delicacy – fish & chips.

Today Whitby is a tourist town still boasting the ancient abbey ruins and Elizabeth – the world’s only surviving 3-axle steam powered bus, which was built in 1931.



Vernon Smith and his wife Vivien tenderly care for Elizabeth who started life as a working lorry of the Cement Marketing Company Ltd in London. Elizabeth is now converted to a working steam bus by a coal-fired Sentinel vertical steam boiler.

B & V Water Treatment was contacted by its partner Heritage Steam Supplies to advise on a robust water treatment programme for this unique Sentinel power plant.

B & V’s Dr Dick Barrett & his wife Mary journeyed to Whitby whereby Elizabeth was taken out of service for an overdue chemical clean. A new water treatment plant was installed in Elizabeth’s shed and a new chemical treatment programme introduced, which would protect against corrosion in the superheated steam space as well as the water space.

MULTITREAT TV is now available for Sentinel boilers through Heritage Steam Supplies.







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