Water Treatment Services
Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

An effective water treatment service regime is essential for protecting systems on site against the problems associated with scale, corrosion, legionella and microbiological fouling. It is important that any treatment regime is backed up by a good quality, technically correct service programme to reduce your operating costs and environmental impact, whilst protecting your site and staff.

To find out more about the type of systems we service, how frequently they need servicing and the range of services we undertake select the relevant section from the following:

legionella petri dish pictureLegionella Control

Legionella is a bacterium that grows both in the environment and engineered water systems. It was first identified following an outbreak at a Convention of the American Legion in Philadelphia in 1976. Legionnaires’ disease is usually contracted by inhaling the legionella bacteria in tiny aerosol droplets of water or the tiny specs of dust that remain once the water in an aerosol droplet has evaporated. An effective legionella control regime is vital in water systems to prevent potential Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks. B & V Water Treatment’s consultants have over 35 years’ experience in implementing effective legionella control regimes and can offer you a wide range of services to help you achieve an effective legionella control regime. The legionella control services we offer include; risk assessments, temperature monitoring, bacteriological analysis, sampling, water system cleans and disinfections. We also have a number of chemicals specifically designed to help combat legionella in water systems including the revolutionary new product Ultralox 40.

cleaning and disinfection Water system cleans and disinfection

The cleaning and disinfection of water systems on a regular basis is vital if hygienic conditions are to be maintained. The effectiveness of a water treatment regime such as corrosion inhibitors and biocides when used in cooling towers is also strongly influenced by the cleanliness of the system. B & V Water Treatment have several teams of very experienced technicians who carry out these services for our customers throughout the UK.

legionella and water treatment Test kits pictureTest kits and reagents

As part of the comprehensive service that B & V Water Treatment offers to its clients, we can supply a wide range of water analysis test kits and equipment. Whatever the circumstances, whether you are looking to accurately monitor water quality, ensure that water treatment chemicals are applied at optimum levels, or measure the number of bacteria present, there is something in the range that will give you the answers and assurances you need.


Water testing pictureWater testing facilities

Customers that use the range of B & V Water Treatment chemicals to alleviate the problems of scale, corrosion and biological fouling in water systems also have access to our ancillary services that ensure the trouble free application of our chemicals. Our trained and qualified chemists and microbiologists will carry out the appropriate chemical and microbiological tests in order to advise you on how to maintain the correct water conditions for your application. We can provide a wide range of water testing facilities that include boiler water testing, cooling water testing, water hygiene monitoring for water supplies, microbiological testing for a wide range bacterium and corrosion monitoring.

Happy customers pictureCustomer Charter

The B & V Water Treatment customer charter aims to provide you with details of our commitment to you and how we intend to fulfil this commitment. You are encouraged to keep a copy of this Charter and measure our performance against it. As a leading, independent provider of water treatment chemicals and services we want to provide you with the best products, services and customer support possible and know that your feedback will be instrumental in achieving this.

picture to represent environmental impact of waterEnvironmental Services

B & V Water Treatment can provide all of its customers with a broad range of environmental services that reduce the environmental usage of water systems operation and help improve efficiency and cost saving. We are constantly researching and investing in new technologies that will help us provide the most environmentally friendly solutions available within the industry. The environmental services we provide include elog, an electronic log book system, alternative water supplies, carbon foot print reduction, remote water temperature monitoring, water use reduction and air hygiene services. 


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