Environmental Services
Environmental Services

Environmental Services

B & V Water Treatment can provide all of its customers with a broad range of environmental services that look to reduce the environmental usage of their water systems operation and help improve efficiency and cost saving. B & V Water Treatment are constantly researching and investing in new technologies that will help us provide the most environmentally friendly solutions available within the industry.

elog logoElog

The elog electronic logbook system is an electronic data capture system designed to replace the traditional paper logbook. At B & V Water Treatment we have successfully been using the elog system across a number of our customers’ sites and have significantly helped them to reduce the amount of paper onsite as well as providing a number of additional benefits from storing your data electronically.

river used as an alternative water supply Alternative water supplies

With the cost of mains water supply increasing annually, searching for alternative water sources has become an increasingly cost effective and environmentally friendly way for companies to source water. With the guidance and technical support of our experts, many of our customers have found the process of locating and installing an alternative water source to be an uncomplicated procedure; one which has seen them make great returns on investment within just one year.

footprint reductionCarbon foot print reduction

As a supplier we realise that the positive environmental changes we make affect your environmental impact as well. It is for that reason we offer a well established drum reuse service..



aquavision logoRemote water temperature monitoring

We all know how much time and money is spent on staff taking temperatures and flushing outlets. With Aquavision there is no need for these tasks to be manually completed. Aquavision is a revolutionary new product that automatically flushes your low use outlets for you.

water use auditWater use reduction

Clearstream is the service that can help you to reduce your water usage and increase your water use efficiency by identifying areas on site where savings can be made, from water bill audits to water recycling to leak detection.


air conditioning unit Air hygiene

B & V Water Treatment offers air quality monitoring and a comprehensive report on the air hygiene within your building. These reports give indicators as to the building hygiene, ventilation rates and staff comfort. Where air quality parameters fall outside of desirable limits recommendations can be made, such as increased ventilation, adjusted humidity or improved conditioning. 


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