Test Kits & Reagents
Test Kits & Reagents

Test Kits & Reagents

As part of the comprehensive service that B & V Water Treatment offers to its clients, we can supply a varied range of water analysis test kits and equipment. Whatever the circumstances, whether you are looking to accurately monitor water quality, ensure that water treatment chemicals are applied at optimum levels, or measure the number of bacteria present, there is something in the range that will give you the answers and assurances you need.

Test Kits

Test kits are available to measure both chemical levels from a treatment programme and natural chemical constituents that may affect your water system.  All test kits come in a plastic carry case, with reagents, waterproof instructions and all the relevant accessories (i.e. syringes, containers, cells). Dependent upon the parameter either comparator test kits or titration drop test kits are available.

Comparator Test Kits

Comparator from abulox test kit

Comparator kits use reagents that produce a colour which varies in intensity with concentration. Using a comparator and a specific parameter disk, the colour produced in the water sample can be matched to a colour and corresponding concentration on the disk.  Common test kits in this style include:-

Bromine (0-5ppm), Chlorine (0-4ppm), Chlorine HR (0-300ppm), Chlorine dioxide (0-2ppm), Copper (0-5ppm), DEHA (0-0.5ppm), Iron LR (0-5ppm), Iron HR (0-10ppm), Molybdate (0-100ppm), Molybdate HR (50-500ppm), Phosphate HR (0-80ppm)

Drop Test Kits

lab assistant using drop test kit

Drop test kits use a simple titration method where each drop of titrant is known to react with a certain quantity of the parameter being measured.  Buffers and indicators are added to a measured volume of water and a titrant is added drop by drop through a simple dropper bottle, until a colour change is visible within the sample.  The number of drops required to give this end point are counted and multiplied by a specific given factor.

Common test kits in this style are:-

Alkalinity (p, M and OH)m (20-2400ppm), Chloride (5-3000ppm), Chlorine Dioxide (0-600ppm), Hardness Calcium and Total (0-1200ppm), Hardness Yes/No (0-4ppm), Hydrogen Peroxide (0-5000ppm), Nitrite (10-2000ppm), Phosphonate (4-20ppm), Sulphite (0-200ppm), Zinc (0-5ppm)    


B & V Unique & Multi-Parameter Kits

B & V Water Treatment is also able to offer test kits specific to our unique chemicals including Ultralox 40 and PseudoKill.        

Ad hoc test kits can be made with multi-parameter testing specific to your chemical needs to make testing as simple as possible with all reagents, equipment and instructions in one handy case. 

Test Regents

All reagents can be ordered separately and come in liquid, tablet and powder forms.    

Test Strips

Test strips give a basic indicative, but very rapid result, and are appropriate to use where a quick simple method is required to give a semi-quantitative answer.  A strip of paper is simply dipped and compared to a small chart of colours which are specific to the concentration of the chemical being measured. 

Common test strips used are:-     

Hydrogen peroxide (0-100ppm), Peracetic acid (0-500ppm), pH (0-6, 0-14, 4.5-10, 7-14), Sulphite (10-500ppm)

Dipslides & Incubators


Dipslides are used to give a semi-quantitative measure of the aerobic bacteria present in a system with results available as quickly as 48 hours after sampling. The dipslides will not include Legionella, so cannot be used alone, but will indicate how well controlled the system is from a microbiological sense. HSE’s L8 recommends that dipslides are used on a weekly basis for monitoring microbiological activity in cooling water. 

They are quick and simple to use on site, consisting of a plastic paddle covered in an agar medium. This is immersed in the water sample (surface samples are also possible) and placed back into its sterile cap. The dipslides must be placed in an incubator for 48 hours at 30oC before a reading can be taken. Colonies that have formed from the bacteria will show clearly as red dots and can be read by simply matching the number of red dots to straightforward comparative chart.

Dipslides are available in boxes of ten with full instructions, labels and a coloured result chart. The standard type supplied for water treatment is TTC/Malt, but others are available upon request.     

Incubators can be supplied dependent upon the number of dipslides that will need to be incubated at any one time – our standard sizes fit either 2 or 18 dipslides.        


Conductivity and pH are important measurement requirements in most systems, and to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your readings, the use of a meter is strongly recommended.  Meters come in a variety of forms, including a pocket-sized stick for convenience or a handheld professional type, and include pH, conductivity/TDS and combined meters with dual probes. 

It is important when meters are used that they are calibrated on a weekly basis to ensure accurate readings are being taken.  This can easily be done with standard buffer solutions, which can be purchased at different strengths.        

ORP meters, refractometers for glycol measurement and photometers for highly accurate analysis can also be sourced through B & V Water Treatment.

The testing equipment that we supply has been developed to offer the best possible support and assistance to those tasked with monitoring water systems on a day to day basis, and to allow engineers and facilities managers to ensure legislative compliance with minimal hassle.


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