Water Treatment Systems
Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

An effective water treatment service regime is essential for protecting systems on site against the problems associated with scale, corrosion, legionella and microbiological fouling. It is important that any treatment regime is backed up by a good quality, technically correct service programme, to reduce your operating costs and environmental impact, whilst protecting your site and staff.

We can provide a broad range of services for the following systems: 

Cooling water system pictureCooling Water Systems

Cooling water systems are becoming more and more common place within industry. It is vital that the risk management and maintenance needs of these systems are monitored effectively. Our consultants have 35 years’ experience with a wide range of cooling water systems used within industry for a number of applications, and as a result can help you to effectively manage the risk and maintain your cooling water systems. B & V Water Treatment can provide a wide range of services for cooling water systems that focus on preventing / managing legionella, scale and corrosion within cooling water systems. The services that we can provide include risk assessments, bacteriological analysis, system disinfections, paint work, system and pack refurbishment and repairs. Alongside cooling water system services we can also provide a full range of bespoke chemical solutions for use in cooling water systems.

hot and cold water systems pictureHot and Cold Water Systems

A hot and cold water system, also known as a domestic water system, is the water system on a site that distributes hot and cold water to a number of outlets such as taps, toilets and showers. Managing the risk of legionella and other microbiological contaminants is a high priority within hot and cold water systems as this is the most common system that people are exposed to. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in managing the risk of legionella in hot and cold water systems and can provide expert guidance on how to stay compliant with documents such as the Health and Safety Executive’s ACoP L8. We also provide a number of services to help manage your hot and cold water system that include; risk assessments, temperature monitoring, shower cleans, microbiological sampling, system disinfection, system flushing. As well as this range of services we can also provide a wide range of chemicals for use in hot and cold water systems as well as engineering solutions.

Closed water system pictureClosed Water Systems

The term ‘closed circuit’ refers to a water system that is sealed from the elements i.e. it has no contact with open air. Closed systems are often found as part of processes in industry and may involve an exchange of heat between the water held in the system and the environment around the system. As a result, reducing and monitoring the levels of scale and corrosion within your closed system is vital for ensuring the system is operating as efficient as possible. B & V Water Treatment can provide a number of services to help ensure your closed system is working as efficiently as possible, which include closed system monitoring in accordance with BS8552, pre-commission cleaning and system disinfections. Alongside these services we also provide a wide range of closed water system chemicals and a broad range of engineering solutions.

Boiler water system pictureBoilers

Boilers are most commonly used for utilities, for example producing hot water or heating a building. However, boilers are also used for a wide range of applications such as large scale industrial processes. No matter what application a boiler is used for, or its size and design, there are three common problems that are found within boiler systems; scale, corrosion and carryover. Our consultants have a wealth of experience in providing guidance and solutions to our customers to help combat scale corrosion and carryover within boiler systems. Our consultants are all trained in how to carry out bacteriological service visits and can also recommend chemical solutions from our wide range of boiler chemicals


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