Meet us at CHEMUK2019 in Leeds

Meet us at CHEMUK2019 in Leeds.

Jill Cooper and colleagues will be attending the CHEMUK2019 event on 1 and 2 May at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate, Leeds City Region, UK.

This is a specialist chemical and management event where the industry shares knowledge, viewpoints, experience of chemicals and products across all sectors.

Admission is free.

Please let us know you want to meet for a coffee or you want to hear about:

  • Technology and B&V Chemicals insights

  • Green chemistry

  • Health and Safety

  • Ultralox and particularly successful secondary disinfection now used widely across NHS sites

  • Wastewater solutions

  • Toll blending solutions

  • Switch to Own Label solutions and distribution tailored to you

  • Export partnership and distribution opportunities.

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is Own Label Manager at B&V Chemicals, a leading UK and Export distributor of Water Treatment chemicals for Cooling Water Systems chemicals, Closed Circuit chemicals, Boiler chemicals, Hot and Cold Water System Chemicals, Effluent and Wastewater chemicals. A Microbiologist and Chemist, she has 20+ years production, toll blending and regulatory knowledge.

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Supply Partners

HuwaSan specialise in the production and distribution of chemicals for water treatment. B & V Chemicals are water treatment supply partners in the UK.