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Check your water system for harmful Legionella bacteria with our range of DIY testing kits.

Our legionella testing kits, developed in partnership with Hydrosense, allow you to quickly and reliably detect the presence of Legionella bacteria in your water system in just 25 minutes. 

All our tests are simple to use - no training is required.

Legionella Single Syringe Test Kit

Legionella Single Syringe Test Kit

The Legionella Single Syringe Test Kit is very flexible and highly sensitive. It detects Legionella at concentrations as low as 100 CFU/L. The Kit is very easy to use and allows water testing from any source such as domestic and industrial hot and cold water systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs and pools, sinks and showers, misters, sprinklers, air washers, humidifiers and others.

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