B & V Chemicals are the UK distributors for the Huwa-San range of silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide products produced by Roam Technology -

Huwa-San TR-50 is the most advanced, proven, and highly developed silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide available anywhere on the global market and is widely regarded as a true, credible alternative to chlorination.

Huwa-San contains one active substance, Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂). stabilised with very small amounts of ionic silver using a proprietary stabilisation technique, which is unique to Huwa-San. This ionic silver stabilisation system allows hydrogen peroxide to remain residual for longer in a water system.

Huwa-San has extensive BPR – Biocidal Product Authorisation. The dossier was formally accepted by the EU competent authorities for the EU BPR and the HSE for the GB BPR. Under market freeze conditions set down by both the EU CA’s and HSE Huwa-San is legally compliant and is permitted to be sold in the UK for application classes PT02, 03, 04, 05. Huwa-San TR50 is also listed as an approved constant dose biocide in the HSE ACOP HSG274 Pt2:

Available in a range of concentrations to suit a variety of applications Huwa-San was thoroughly researched and developed in lab and field test settings. As a result, Huwa-San products meet the most recent standards for disinfection:

  • Virucide: EN EN14476, AFNOR NF T 72-281, EN14675
  • Bactericide: EN1276, EN13697, EN1656, EN13727, EN14561, EN14349, EN16437, EN13626,
    AFNOR NF T 72-281
  • Mycobactericide: EN14348, AFNOR NF T 72-281, EN14204
  • Fungicide: EN1650, EN13697, EN1657, EN13624, EN14562, EN16438, AFNOR NF T 72-281
  • Sporocide: EN13704, AFNOR NF T 72-281**

Our silver peroxide range is widely used for down water service disinfection and continuous dosing but there are many more possible applications for this range of products.

Additional applications SuPerSil / Huwasan

     1. Organic food production.

  1. Disinfection of ion exchange resins and RO membranes.

  2. Disinfection of water features and fountains.

  3. Pool and Spa
     5. Disinfection against coronavirus / norovirus.

The Range

We offer three concentrations of Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide, each designed for specific water treatment needs:

SuPerSil (Huwa-San TR50):

Concentration: 50% hydrogen peroxide. Designed for down water services disinfection.

Huwasan TR20:

Contains 20% hydrogen peroxide. Use in small to medium water systems.

Huwasan TR3:

Ready-to-use biocidal product with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Hazard surface disinfection.

For further information on regulatory approvals or applications of our silver peroxide range of products please contact ownlabel@bvwater.co.uk


  • Very effective – effective against bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E.coli, Enterococcus hirae), yeast (Candida albicans) and fungi (Aspergillus niger)
  • Complies with EN 1276 / EN 1650 / EN 13697
  • Does not leave a residue
  • Biodegradable
  • Can be used on most common materials
  • Not classified as a skin irritant
  • Chlorine-free and does not contain alcohol
  • Completely odourless and colourless

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Supply Partners

HuwaSan specialise in the production and distribution of chemicals for water treatment. B & V Chemicals are water treatment supply partners in the UK.