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B&V Chemicals is proud to offer closed-circuit training seminars tailored to individuals new to the industry looking to upskill, as well as those seeking to refresh their knowledge. Our seminars cover a wide range of topics related to basic water chemistry and closed-circuit systems, addressing critical issues such as scale formation, corrosion, deposition of deposits, and microbial growth.

Our commitment to providing the most relevant and cutting-edge information means that we regularly update our course agenda to reflect the latest industry trends, innovations, and research findings. This ensures that participants receive the most comprehensive and up-to-date training available.

Below is an overview of the topics included in the Closed circuit seminar:

Basic Water Chemistry and Closed-Circuit Systems:

  • Scale Formation: Strategies for effectively mitigating scale formation and maintaining system efficiency.
  • Corrosion: Techniques for employing corrosion inhibitors and protective measures to safeguard systems.
  • Deposition of Deposits: Methods for managing and preventing the deposition of deposits to uphold system performance.
  • Microbial Growth: Utilization of biocides and targeted treatments to control microbial growth and maintain system hygiene.

Closed Circuit Seminar Topics:

  • Polyamines – An Introduction: Understanding the role and application of polyamines in water treatment processes.
  • Biocides: Exploration of different types and the efficacy of biocides in controlling microbial growth within closed-circuit systems.
  • Inhibitors and How to Select Them: Guidance on selecting corrosion inhibitors tailored to specific system requirements.
  • Glycol-Based Anti-Freeze: Understanding the application of glycol-based anti-freeze agents in closed-circuit systems.
  • Flushing Chemicals / Pre-commission Cleaners: Utilization of flushing chemicals and pre-commission cleaners for effective system preparation and maintenance.

Guidance and British Standards Covering Closed Circuit Systems:

  • Pre-commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems (BSRIA Guide BG29 / 2021): Adherence to best practices for pre-commission cleaning to ensure system integrity.
  • BS8552:2012 Sampling and Monitoring of Water from Building Services: Guidelines for sampling and monitoring water quality in building services.
  • Closed Systems: A Code of Practice: Ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices for closed circuit systems.
  • BSRIA BG50/2021 Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems: Conducting testing, interpreting results, and implementing remedial actions for closed circuit systems.

At B&V Chemicals, our commitment is to deliver comprehensive solutions and guidance based on industry standards and best practices. We strive to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of closed-circuit systems for our clients while also providing opportunities for learning and skill development within the industry.

Current Dates and Availability

Date/Time Course Title Location Price/Availability
21st June 2024/9.00am - 11.00am Closed Circuit Breakfast Seminar London, Grosvener Place £85.00pp/10 Spaces
28th June 2024/9.00am - 11.00am Closed Circuit Breakfast Seminar Daventry £85.00pp/Fully Booked
12th July 2024/10.00am - 1.00pm Closed Circuit Breakfast Seminar Manchester £85.00pp/20 Spaces

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