Supplier of high-quality, British-made water treatment chemicals for international export customers

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Becoming a distributor: what you need to know

B & V Chemicals (established in 1977) has been supplying water treatment chemicals and equipment to support water treatment service specialists across Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and Asia for over 30 years.

We partner with:

  • Overseas distributors who require UK-made industrial water treatment chemical supplier solutions
  • Water treatment companies sourcing high-quality chemicals and own-label options
  • Organisations requiring R&D and technical support
  • Direct overseas customers purchasing descalers, biocides, inhibitors, antifoam, and specialist water treatment chemicals for their own sites.

Our products

The B & V name is well-established and trusted and B & V chemicals are sold all over the world. Our unique chemical solutions and excellent research and development programme helps you to differentiate yourselves within your local and national markets.

Our water treatment chemicals are proven across many industrial and commercial processes and help guard against scale formation, corrosion, and microbial activity.

Quality assured Wide market coverage Comprehensive range
Made in the UK Manufacturing (all types) Boiler water
ISO9001 accredited Food processing Cooling water
ISO14001 accredited Building services Closed system chemicals
Established brand Beverage manufacture RO chemicals
Own label option Hotels Corrosion inhibitors
Over 1,500 formulations Swimming pools and spas Antiscalents
Unique, patented options Hospitals Disinfectants and biocides
  Drinking water Descalers & Chemical Cleaners
  Wastewater Ultralox40® (Chlorine Dioxide alternative)
  Legionella control Waste water treatment








What our partners say

“B & V Chemicals have been an instrumental part of our supply chain for over 5 years and continue to be one of our most strategic partners providing solution-based expertise, flexibility, and the bandwidth to support our growth on a global scale.”

“Partnering with B & V Chemicals was the best decision I’ve made for my business. We are a small water treatment company in Germany. Without the excellent support that B & V Chemicals have given us, we would not have had the success we’ve had.”

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Supply Partners

HuwaSan specialise in the production and distribution of chemicals for water treatment. B & V Chemicals are water treatment supply partners in the UK.