Antifoam & Defoamer

Antifoams and defoamers are essential in various industrial processes where foam can impede efficiency and aesthetics. Foam formation occurs due to the presence of surface-active chemicals in water systems, which stabilize bubbles, leading to foam formation. Antifoam agents work by displacing these surface-active chemicals, causing the bubbles to break and reducing foam.

These agents are usually categorized as silicone-based or hydrocarbon-based. The choice between them depends on the specific application's requirements and conditions. Silicone-based antifoams are effective in a wide range of pH and temperature conditions and are often preferred for their stability and efficiency. Hydrocarbon-based antifoams, on the other hand, may be more suitable for certain applications where compatibility or environmental concerns are factors.

In selecting the appropriate antifoam agent, factors such as the type of system, operating conditions (temperature, pH, pressure), chemical compatibility, and regulatory requirements need to be considered. By choosing the right antifoam agent, industries can effectively manage foam-related issues and improve overall process efficiency.

Product code Application Composition Benefit
BV1 Steam boiler water antifoam Based on polyalkylene glycol. Acts at the water/steam interface to control foam generation. Concentrated low dose rate product
BV7 Food grade antifoam food grade silicone Non-ionic emulsion. Excellent foam control in a wide range of food processing applications
BV8 General purpose and acid descaling mineral hydrocarbon. An excellent foam control agent for use in many aqueous systems. It is particularly useful in controlling foam during acid descaling processes.
BV744 Specifically designed for use with PackCleanse Foamgel Silicone based Part of our PackCkeanse range designed to foam clean cooling tower packing in place. Apply to the tower sump at the end of the pack cleaning procedure.
BV836 Suitable for use in a wide range of applications including waste water treatment & cooling towers. Silicone based Rapid "Foam Kill". Particularly effective when applied through a chemical dosing pump at a continuouos low dose rate in a wide variety of wastewater treatment applications. Very concentrated product.

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