Intelligent, compliant and system management solution for Continuous Remote Monitoring

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A proven alternative to chlorine dioxide for small and large hot and cold water systems. Direct current electrolysis of brine (sodium chloride) generates a pure oxidant (NEUTHOX ®) on demand.

This system is available in four sizes, depending on application and usage enabling direct injection in to your water system. Choose between:GenoxPortrait-2

T05N for <20m3 (see photo below)
T10N for >30m3
T15N for >40m3
T20N for >125-400m3

At a glance

  • Complete control within a cabinet (local regulation and monitoring)
  • Water softener (produces NEUTHOX ® by removing calcium)
  • ORP sensor
  • Salt container (sodium chloride container and brine process solution)
  • NEUTHOX ® storage tank
  • Dosing pump
  • Injection device
  • External communication for monitoring

 System benefits: 

  1. Chemical free and low operating cost – this is an environmentally responsible alternative to chlorine dioxide generators and can be more cost effective to operate.

  2. Enhanced health and safety – no hazardous chemicals or manual handling or storage issues

  3. Flexible – available as a retrofit, hire, mobile or permanent solution in varying sizes to cater for water usage

  4. Finance support available – for the purchase and first year’s maintenance if you want it enabling you to spread capital investment expenditure across 1-5 years

    Approved – fully Article 95 compliant; Biocidal Product Regulation approved for potable and process water; Drinking Water Inspectorate approved; NHS approved


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