Solid Chemical Water Treatments

The benefits of liquid chemicals are well-known and they remain the most popular method of treating boilers and closed circuit systems. However, on some sites there may be logistical difficulties associated with the use of liquid chemicals both in terms of storage and the handling of the liquids. Chemical drums may take up a lot of storage space if ordered in large quantities; they are heavy, and can be difficult to move around site or take to awkward access points, and the risk of spillage may be a concern in a confined area potentially exposing employees to hazardous chemicals. Solid chemicals offer a viable solution to these issues.

However, if a solid concentrate is to be used in your water treatment programme, you need to ensure that there is a consistent amount of the water treatment chemicals which make up the solid going into your system. The solids are used in compact wall mounted dosing units to which water is added to form a solution / emulsion. The resultant liquid then operates in the same way as the more traditional water treatment chemicals to give you, for example, scale prevention, corrosion protection, and microbial control. Your existing pumps, controllers and other equipment used with traditional liquid water treatment products may be adapted for use where applicable. Solid chemicals are applicable to both small and large systems.

As part of our commitment to provide you with the most comprehensive service we possibly can, B & V Chemicals can supply a solid chemical range, allowing you to offer your customers the option of an alternative to a traditional liquid chemical-based treatment programme.

Cooling Water Products

Product code Composition Application
BV1203 DTEA II Dispersent
BV1204 Polymers/azole blend On line cleaner cooling / closed systems
BV1205 Organic blend - phosphonates / polymers/ azole Cooling water inhibitor - Soft water
BV1206 Organic blend - phosphonates / polymers/ azole Cooling water inhibitor - Hard water
BV1214 Calcium hypochlorite Oxidising Biocide
BV1215 NaDCC - chlorine Oxidising Biocide
BV1216 DBNPA Non-oxidising Biocide


Boiler Treatment Products

Product code Composition Application
BV1207 Decharacterized sulphite, lignosulphonate & Erythorbate Oxygen scavenger
BV1208 Sulphite (Erythorbate catalysed) Oxygen scavenger
BV1209 Cyclohexylamine / morpholine Neutralising return line treatment
BV1210 Catalysed Sulphite based Multifunctional Boiler Treatment
BV1211 Polymer / phosphate and alkalinity builder Dispersant / precipitant / alkalinity
BV1212 Polymers / azole Online cleaner - boilers
BV1213 Sodium hydroxide Caustic alkalinity builder

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Supply Partners

HuwaSan specialise in the production and distribution of chemicals for water treatment. B & V Chemicals are water treatment supply partners in the UK.