Ultralox 40


Ultralox 40

Proven disinfection and secondary disinfection control DWI/DEFRA approved for use in drinking water.

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Complete Range


We blend and manufacture chemicals for all aspects of water treatment. You can sell our products with your name on.

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Toll Blend

Made to your formula

Toll Blend

We toll blend for customers globally. Our research laboratory can assist you develop, refine, test and supply with full technical back-up.

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Training & Technical Support


Comprehensive go-the-extra-mile as standard technical support, consulting, training, chemical handling and technical help desk.

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B & V Chemicals. A leading UK based industrial
water treatment chemicals supplier and exporter, worldwide.


B & V Chemical’s unique strength is that it provides an exceptionally thorough, technically-led complete solution for water treatment chemicals including Cooling Water System chemicals, Boiler chemicals, Closed Circuit chemicals, Hot & Cold-Water System chemicals and Effluent chemicals.

Customers receive secure log-in, stock management support and ‘just-in-time’ manufacture, technical help desk, chemical management, handling and specification training and support and can be sure of regulatory compliance.

That means more convenience, better across the board compliance, an assured supply chain solution and the benefits of a trusted in-depth relationship.

More importantly, customers benefit from emergency stock of your fast-moving chemicals, dispatch and collection, a demonstrable environmental support strategy and access to patented and unique solutions, for example Ultralox.

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UK manufacturing facility operating since 1978, servicing over 200 customers, exporting across 4 continents, shipping 150,000+ units per annum…helping you manage water assets, extend asset life, meet strict environmental and regulatory guidelines across sectors including Chemical, Commercial Buildings, Data Centres, Education, Energy & power Generation, Food & Beverage, Heavy Industry, Hospitals, Manufacturing – Aerospace & Defence, Aluminium, Automotive, Coal, Gold, Silver & Platinum, Industrial Minerals, Metals, Phosphate, Plastics & Injection Moulding, Rubber, Sand, Gravel & Aggregate, Textiles, Pharmaceutical.

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