Corrosion Analysis

Corrosion Analysis

Compliance with BSRIA BG50 through smart analysis and use of corrosion coupons will help you understand how materials are performing and how to prolong service life of plant and equipment

Most buildings services engineers will have come across a heating or cooling system that has not received water treatment and still appears to function perfectly and another that has apparently been treated but experienced serious corrosion related failures. Why should one be vulnerable and the other not? The answer is that most common metals are subject to corrosion but the rate of corrosion and risk of failure depends on a variety of factors including the chemical and microbiological environment, temperature, flow rate and not least the thickness of the metal.

B&V Chemicals provide corrosion coupon analysis and a certificating service based in accordance with recommendations by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in their Approved Code of Practise (L8) and accompanying Technical Guidance (HSG274 section 1.34).

Coupon Holder Analysis

Corrosion coupons provide accurate, long term corrosion rate data which is representative of the whole system. Usage and analysis will enable you to make better informed, more accurate water treatment programme decisions.

This form of analysis and our Hevasure Closed System Remote Monitoring system, is particularly suited to critical and large closed circuit systems and is also recommended in BSRIA BG50.

For guidance on corrosion analysis, BSRIA BG50 compliance and support, or to request testing, please call the Technical Team on +44 (0)1327 709 439 or use the contact us form.

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