Gwyn Hooper

Gwyn Hooper
Gwyn Hooper is the Technical Manager for WCS Services Group of Marlowe Critical Services. He has a degree in Applied Biology and is a Fellow of the Water Management Society. He has worked in Industry in all aspects of Water Chemistry and Technology, including pre-treatment; boilers; steam; process; cooling and effluent. He has worked for ICI, multi-national water treatment companies and UK companies on applications in many parts of the world, for over 40 years.

Recent Posts

What kills viruses?

Now we know what a virus is – how do we kill them?

Last week, we asked: “What is a virus?”. We commented that it is an agent that can cause disease, but it is not “alive” in the classic meaning of life. This time we are going to look at how we can kill it or more accurately, prevent it causing disease and mayhem. This is not only important for human health, but also in agriculture and farming as plant and animal husbandry pathogens can be extremely damaging.

What is a virus?

As the Covid-19 health crisis continues, this week we decided to do a very topical blog post on the subject, “What is a virus?”

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