Biocides and Brexit

The Biocidal Products regulation (EU 528/2012) has been in place in Europe for some time now. 

The implementation of the regulation is ongoing but in time, all biocidal products will require an authorisation before they can be placed on the market. The active substances contained in biocidal products must also have been previously approved. Furthermore, the approvals and authorisations will be linked to a supplier and also to an application.

We are aware that a number of questions have been asked regarding the BPR regulations and Brexit.

The basic principles behind the BPR will be maintained now the UK has left the EU. Approvals and authorisations made pre-Brexit are still valid in the UK until the normal expiry date, although information will need to be re-submitted to the HSE.

This is also the case for biocides on the current Article 95 list. Although a new UK version of the list will be established, entries already on the EU list will be included in the UK list.

We will be monitoring the situation carefully throughout the transition period to ensure that we can continue to supply our biocidal products.

Kathy Hood

Kathy Hood

Kathy Hood is Technical Regulatory Lead for WCS Services Ltd. She is a chartered chemist with 20+ years experience in R&D, manufacturing, quality management and regulatory knowledge.

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