Ensuring BPR PT5 compliance for silver peroxide in water treatment

Navigating the realm of water treatment products can feel like walking through a maze, so it's crucial to choose wisely. One standout option gaining attention is the Huwa-San range, distributed by B&V Chemicals in the UK and produced by Roam Technology Ltd. But for water treatment experts, the burning question is whether their current silver peroxide product meets PT5 standards of the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR).

Understanding Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and GB BPR Compliance

The BPR, or Biocidal Products Regulation, oversees the market placement and use of products designed to shield against harmful organisms. With Great Britain now detached from the EU's biocide regulations post-Brexit, the GB Biocidal Products Regulation (GB BPR) mirrors its EU counterpart, aligning standards. Roam Technology Ltd has diligently ensured compliance with GB BPR for its Huwa-San products, underscoring its commitment to quality and regulatory alignment.

One standout example of compliance is Huwa-San TR50, also known as SuPerSil in B&V Chemicals' lineup, which has secured approval under specific product types outlined in the BPR. This endorsement solidifies its reputation as a dependable silver-stabilized hydrogen peroxide for water treatment.

What silver peroxide users need to know

It's crucial for water treatment outfits to confirm the compliance of their silver peroxide products under PT5 of the BPR, especially when it comes to applications involving drinking water. Not all products hold this vital approval, and using non-compliant ones could jeopardize public health and regulatory adherence.

Enterprises relying on Huwa-San TR50 can rest assured in the compliance of their silver peroxide solution, thanks to the efforts of Roam Technology Ltd and B & V Chemicals.

Product type



PT 2

Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals

  • Used for the disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture which are not used for direct contact with food or feeding stuffs. Usage areas include, inter alia, swimming pools, aquariums, bathing and other waters; air conditioning systems; walls and floors in private, public and industrial areas and in other areas for professional activities.

  • Used for disinfection of air, water not used for human or animal consumption, chemical toilets, waste water, hospital waste and soil.

  • Used as algaecides for treatment of swimming pools, aquariums and other waters, and for remedial treatment of construction materials.

  • Used to be incorporated in textiles, tissues, masks, paints and other articles or materials with the purpose of producing treated articles with disinfecting properties.

PT 3

Veterinary hygiene

  • Used for veterinary hygiene purposes such as disinfectants, disinfecting soaps, oral or corporal hygiene products or with anti-microbial function.
  • Used to disinfect the materials and surfaces associated with the housing or transportation of animals.

PT 4

Food and feed area

  • Used for the disinfection of equipment, containers, consumption utensils, surfaces or pipework associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) for humans and animals.
  • Used to impregnate materials which may enter into contact with food.

PT 5

Drinking water

  • Used for the disinfection of drinking water for both humans and animals.

For those seeking more information or clarification on the regulatory status of their silver peroxide products, the technical department at B&V Chemicals is just an email away at ownlabel@bvwater.co.uk


In summary, as water treatment experts prioritize the safety and quality of potable water, ensuring the compliance of silver peroxide products under PT5 of the BPR is paramount. The dedication of distributors like B&V Chemicals and producers like Roam Technology Ltd to regulatory standards ensures that the Huwa-San family of products remains a trusted ally in the quest for water treatment excellence.

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Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is Own Label Manager at B&V Chemicals, a leading UK and Export distributor of Water Treatment chemicals for Cooling Water Systems chemicals, Closed Circuit chemicals, Boiler chemicals, Hot and Cold Water System Chemicals, Effluent and Wastewater chemicals. A Microbiologist and Chemist, she has 20+ years production, toll blending and regulatory knowledge.

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