Environmental Initiatives

In today's rapidly changing world, it's imperative for businesses to prioritize environmental sustainability. This blog outlines the various initiatives and strategies we have implemented enhance our environmental footprint. 

Zinc, while indispensable in various industries, poses environmental hazards, particularly when released into ecosystems. Its presence in products, particularly those disposed of improperly, can lead to contamination of soil and water sources, impacting both terrestrial and aquatic life. We have reduced number of products containing zinc by 20% in the last 3 years and are working hard to reduce this further.

Borax is designated as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) that poses environmental and health risks. This has spurred our efforts to minimize its presence in our products. We have invested in research and development to explore alternative formulations and ingredients that allow for the reduction or elimination of borax in our products, without compromising quality or performance. We have reduced borax-containing products by 20% over the past three years and we are continuing wherever possible to formulate this out of our range.

Cyclohexylamine: We have taken decisive action to address the presence of cyclohexylamine, a known reproductive toxin, in our products. We have reduced cyclohexylamine-containing products by 30% over the past three years whilst still maintain product quality and performance. By reducing the number of products containing cyclohexylamine, we have also reduced the risks posed to human health when using these products.

More concentrated products: Over the past five years, we have strategically increased the concentration of five key products within our portfolio. Higher product concentration allows for reduced packaging, transportation, and environmental impact per unit of product delivered. The increased concentration of key products has also resulted in tangible cost savings for our customers.

Film Forming Amines: In 2024, we proudly introduced a ground-breaking range of products: film forming amines. This innovative solution not only enhances the performance of steam boilers but also contributes to sustainability efforts by significantly reducing energy consumption. One notable inquiry suggests potential savings exceeding £100,000 annually for customers through the adoption of our film forming amines.

The use of our film forming amines in steam boilers results in significant energy savings, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. By improving boiler efficiency and reducing fuel consumption, our film forming amine range will help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more environmentally friendly operation.

Several innovative Research and Development projects are currently in progress, and we'll keep customers informed with any exciting updates as they occur.

In conclusion, our commitment to sustainability and innovation remains unwavering as we continue to prioritise the reduction of products containing hazardous chemicals, enhance product concentration, and develop environmentally friendly solutions.

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Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is Own Label Manager at B&V Chemicals, a leading UK and Export distributor of Water Treatment chemicals for Cooling Water Systems chemicals, Closed Circuit chemicals, Boiler chemicals, Hot and Cold Water System Chemicals, Effluent and Wastewater chemicals. A Microbiologist and Chemist, she has 20+ years production, toll blending and regulatory knowledge.

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