IChem 1055 case study - On-line descaling of cooling towers

Back in 2021, we published a blog on our product iChem 1055 - a unique polyphosphonate, which when dosed into cooling towers removes calcium carbonate scale online.

This week, one of our many customers who has used iChem 1055 sent us some before and after pictures of condenser tubes following a very successful on-line descale using iChem 1055.

The images below illustrate how effective this product is at removing scale in cooling towers on-line:

condenser tubes before descaling with iChem 1055

Image 1: Condenser tubes before on-line descaling with iChem 1055.

condenser tubes after descaling with iChem 1055

Image 2: Condenser tubes after descaling with iChem 1055.

The particular site where the iChem 1055 was used had run without soft water for over 6 months in an area with nearly 300 ppm water hardness. The soft water was then reinstated, and the system dosed with iChem 1055, a bio dispersant, and alternating non-oxidising biocides. This on-line descaling lasted for 3 months in order to remove all calcium carbonate scale from the system and condenser tubes.

The end customer was delighted, with no down time needed and no damage to the fabric of the cooling tower, which acid descaling has the potential to cause.

We know that on occasion, calcium carbonate scale in cooling towers can build up because of softener failure, unexpected changes in water quality due to changes in water source from the utility company, or poor water treatment from a previous supplier. 

The product you need in such situations is B&V’s iChem 1055. This is a gentle effective on-line descaling chemical which very effectively removes calcium carbonate scale on-line with no potential damage from acid cleaning and with minimal process disruption.

For further information on iChem 1055, please contact the Own Label department on 01327 709 439, or by email (ownlabel@bvwater.co.uk).

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Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper is Own Label Manager at B&V Chemicals, a leading UK and Export distributor of Water Treatment chemicals for Cooling Water Systems chemicals, Closed Circuit chemicals, Boiler chemicals, Hot and Cold Water System Chemicals, Effluent and Wastewater chemicals. A Microbiologist and Chemist, she has 20+ years production, toll blending and regulatory knowledge.

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